The new KME Mid-Mount AerialCatTM platform is elevating performance with two new mid-mount aerials to extend your reach; an 84-foot platform and 102-foot platform. Designed with a state of the art motion control system, a one-piece torque box that stores an ISO ground ladder compliment and deep penetrating outriggers for maximum leveling capability, the KME Mid Mount provides a shortened overall apparatus length for improved maneuverability in cramped quarters, and a reduction in the rear body overhang of 10 inches. Designed to perform. Demand KME.

Model Vertical Reach Horizontal Reach Rated Capacity
Model: 100' 4 Section Ladder Vertical Reach: 100’ Horizontal Reach: 92’ Rated Capacity: 500 lbs.
Model: 102' 5 Section Platform Vertical Reach: 102’ Horizontal Reach: 94’ Rated Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Model: 84' 5 Section Platform Vertical Reach: 84’ Horizontal Reach: 77’ Rated Capacity: 1000 lbs.
KME 102' AerialCat™ Platform The 102' AerialCat™ Platform brings safety and ease of operation to every response. Maximum leveling capability, big performance, industry-leading platform design and ultimate below-horizontal platform position provides performance and every elevation.
Windy Hill VFC, SC | SAFE. DEPENDABLE. DURABLE. "When people hear the siren, they know help is on its way. We owe it to them to do our best on every call and the safety and comfort of our KME allows us to do that. It's a very agile truck for tight country roads and carries everything we need to get the job done right."
— Michael Wayne Poston, JR. Windy Hill Volunteer Fire Company, SC
KME AerialCat™ Platform Features This short video will give you an idea of just how feature-packed the new KME AerialCat™ Platform is.
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