Commercial Chassis

Our Chassis Group operates as “experts” in the chassis configuration process, formulating your commercial chassis specifications to meet your exact needs with all the right options and mandated (NFPA) items. KME offers a comprehensive package of per-configured Ford and International chassis for your wildland, pumper and tanker requirements.

Chassis Suppliers
Chassis Suppliers
  • Dodge
  • International
  •  Ford
  •  Freightliner
  •  Kenworth
  •  Mack
  •  Peterbilt
Available Configurations
Available Configurations
  •  Pumpers
  •  Wildland
  •  Tankers
  •  Rescue
  •  Aerials
  •  Command
KME Commercial Chassis Custom Options | LACoFD Water Tender Commercial chassis options as seen on a Peterbilt 6 x 6 LACoFD Water Tender with a drop frame chassis. This Tanker was designed specifically to meet the demands of Los Angeles County Fire Department, CA.
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