Rearmount Pumper

Fire departments nationwide are called upon to respond with more equipment than ever before, KME’s rear mount pumpers with unrivaled compartmentation capacity and packaged in a maneuverable short wheelbase is the answer. Bodies are available in aluminum or stainless steel with a wide range or pump, tank, hosebed, and storage options on either a custom or commercial chassis. Rear mount pump panels are available on either side or in a true rear configuration.

North Tahoe Fire Protection District (CA) Custom 4x4 Pumper Walkaround Check out KME's newest walk-around video to see what makes KME's 4x4 Custom Pumpers manufactured for North Tahoe Fire Protection District (CA) Tahoe tough. Whether it be avalanche-inducing snow or extreme wildfires, North Tahoe's rigs are built to perform off-road to help the department stay on-task.
Windy Hill VFC, SC | SAFE. DEPENDABLE. DURABLE. "When people hear the siren, they know help is on its way. We owe it to them to do our best on every call and the safety and comfort of our KME allows us to do that. It's a very agile truck for tight country roads and carries everything we need to get the job done right."
— Michael Wayne Poston, JR. Windy Hill Volunteer Fire Company, SC
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