Wet Side Tanker

Wet Side Tankers range from 1,000 to 4,000 gallon capacity, offering a low center of gravity and short wheel base. While the tank acts as the upper body, the lower fire body compartmentation is solidly constructed from the customers choice of Galvanneal steel, aluminum, 3CR12 Stainless, or 304L Stainless Steel. Wet Tankers offer ample storage with compartments available forward and rearward of the axles, or between the tandem axles. Tankers carry a wide variety of accessories, and the wet side tanker is equipped to accommodate all of those accessories with customized storage for each device. 

Santa Barbara | Our Rig Is Our Toolbox "We have very diverse terrain in Santa Barbara and we respond to equally diverse emergencies. With KME we can optimize every compartment so we can keep out tools organized and systematically packed, so we always have everything we need."
– Mike Klusyk, Captain | Santa Barbara Fire Department
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