Quick Attack

These units are multi-purpose, capable of not only Wildland attack, they can function as light rescue, initial attack, or medical support with the ability to be NFPA 1906 compliant. When properly designed and equipped, can meet all of the NWCG/FEMA/FIRESCOPE requirements for a Type 5, Type 6 or Type 7 Engine. Sometimes these units are pure Wildland, with features such as heavy-duty suspensions and tread plate bodies for durability off-road. KME has several base models to start with, including flatbed bodies, patrol bodies, and full light rescue style bodies. And we have a full library of options, including portable gas and diesel driven pumps, tank sizes, discharge locations, and off-road modifications. All of these units share the same design lineage with your larger units, so they will fit right at home with the rest of your KME fleet.

"GET HOME SAFELY" with KME featuring Greenfield Center Fire Company #1 "We need to trust that the apparatus will get us to the job and back home again. KME rigs are the toolboxes we need to help save lives. At a moment's notice it has to be reliable and perform the way we need it to. I have complete trust in every KME fire truck we have"
— Bryan Chouinard | Deputy Chief Greenfield Center Fire Company 1
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